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Conor is a cryptocurrency journalist published on CryptoGlobe and CCN, and an ICO writing consultant with The Written Craft content service. He's an advocate of decentralized control of public finance, an off-grid enthusiast, and as you can imagine, really fun at parties as well. Follow him on Twitter @WrittenCraft to hear him roar.

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Crowd Machine (CMCT) ICO Review

Unsponsored and unbiased research on the exciting Crowd Machine ICO. Crowd Machine is a project aimed at disrupting and enhancing the decentralized app (DApp) industry. CM plans to launch the first ever DAPP marketplace and enable developers to build and release DApps up to 45 times faster than current capabilities.

EQUI Capital ICO Analysis

EQUI is a venture capital project that aims to democratize the world of venture capital and accredited investment and enable anyone to invest in real estate, new technology, and luxury assets that are typically available to wealthy accredited investors only.

Bitfinex Asks Customers for Tax Data, Which Can Be Shared With Local Tax Authorities

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has announced that the company is required to share customer data with the British Virgin Islands’ (BVI) government, a move that has been a hot topic of debate on social media.

Nearly Half of Chinas Public Banks Have Adopted Blockchain Technology Last Year

12 of China’s 26 public banks deployed blockchain apps and systems last year  in a nationwide adoption of the new technology in the biggest country in the world.

Bitcoin Mining In Space: SpaceMiner One Deployed in Stratoshpere

The Space Miner One company sent a Bitcoin mining rig into the lower atmosphere yesterday attached to a weather balloon where it mined successfully for a test period of a few hours before being deployed safely back to earth. 

Alibaba Pilots Food Safety Blockchain Initiative

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has recently launched a pilot blockchain that it aims to use for supply chain tracking in order to prevent food fraud

Bitcoin Breaks $9,400 as Crypto Market Eyes $430 Billion

The market has seen a massive rally today with Bitcoin up over $500 in the last 24 hours and trading above $9,400. At press time, the flagship cryptocurrency dropped to $9,330.  

Only 4 Million Of The Total 21 Million Bitcoin Left

With 17 million Bitcoin mined, there are only 4 million left to go before the supply runs out. Bitcoin was designed to be deflationary – the low supply keeps the prices high due to its scarcity.

Wikipedia Removes From Bitcoin Wiki Page is no longer considered a reputable source of bitcoin information according to the community moderating the Bitcoin wikipedia page. The two Bitcoin factions, BTC maximalists and BCH supporters, both stand to gain enormously from controlling the hash rate and public opinion.

Binance CEO Sued Over Failed Deal

Zhao Changpeng is being sued by American venture capital firm Sequoia Capital. The Californian VC firm claim Binance CEO breached exclusivity by discussing financing options with another firm.

Federal Reserve Bank Denounces Cash in Favour of Crypto

The Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis, US, has published a paper analyzing the merits of cryptocurrencies, central bank, and fiat currencies.

Amazon Web Services Launch Free Ethereum and Blockchain Hyperledger Templates for Users

Amazon subsidiary AWS are providing templates to make it easy to deploy blockchain networks on site. 

Japanese Crypto Exchanges Launch Self-Regulatory Body

16 Japanese cryptocurrency exchange operators have set up a self-regulatory body to “restore confidence” in the space.

Iran’s Banks Banned From Crypto

The Iranian Central Bank has prohibited all banks in the country from dealing in crypto on the basis that it may be used illegally. The central bank has cited concerns that crypto could be used for money laundering among their reasons for banning the digital assets.

Brazil Launches National Blockchain Association

The Brazilian Association of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain (ABCB) was launched last week in Sao Paulo. Brazilian fintech Atlas Project started the new association, the assocaition aims to bring more regulation to the Brazilian blockchain space.

Ethereum Is More Decentralised Than Bitcoin, Study Shows

A professor from Cornell university revealed at the Genesis London Conference that the university had conducted a study to examine and analyze the decentralization of the top two cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Centra Techs Third Co-Founder Arrested, Charged With $25 Mln Securities Fraud

Centra Tech’s initial coin offering (ICO), once highly sought after by eager and often inexperienced investors, has been mired in controversy since US regulators charged its founders with fraud over fake connections to Visa and Mastercard.

Walmart Files Patents To Store Payment Data On A Blockchain

Retail giant Walmart, worth an estimated $500 billion, has filed patents for blockchain technology that will allow it to safely store customer payment data on a distributed ledger. The ledger will ensure said data cannot be accessed without the proper authority, protecting customer information.

Bullish Moves See Cryptocurrency Market Cap Surpass $370 Billion

The cryptocurrency market shows bullish trends and signs of a long term recovery. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ripple’s XRP are leading the rally with positive increases of 16  and 21 percent respectively. Blockchain adoption is reported from major companies and positive regulations are coming from the EU.

Blockchain Adoption Could Generate $1 Trillion in Shipping Business

As international shipping companies turn to blockchain for logistics, vast revenue increases are expected. Global shipping giant Samsung is one of the companies looking into blockchain adoption

Policy Update Makes Bitcoin Cheaper and More Private Than Paypal

Paypal are introducing extra fees and restrictions that will make crypto a more appealing option for value transfer, particulary for international transfers.

Microchip Maker TSMC Sees Cryptocurrency Mining Lead Sales

The world’s biggest microchip manufacturer TSMC cited cryptocurrency mining as the cause for quartlery growth last year. Their most recently quartlery report show how crypto mining is carrying the company through a seasonal decline in phone sales.

Defying Russias Ban With Bitcoin: Telegram CEO Launches “Digital Resistance” Movement

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov recently clashed with the Russian government, and announced he’ll be using Bitcoin to launch a “digital resistance” movement that will fund pro-privacy tech groups.

Bitmain Releases Second Batch Of ETH ASIC Miners After Buterin Advises Against Hard Fork

The much-awaited Ethereum E3 ASIC miner was released by Bitmain on April3  with an $800 price tag for its first batch, leading to speculation that the product could help reduce the price of GPUs worldwide. The low price tag didn’t last, however, as the miner is priced at $1800 for its second batch.

LL Cool J on the Hunt for Stolen Bitcoin in CBS Show NCIS Los Angeles

LL Cool J’s character searches for $10 million worth of stolen Bitcoin in an episode of popular TV show NCIS LA. The episode, “Outside the Lines,” will air Sunday, 22nd April, 9pm (ET/PT).

Japanese Crypto Trading Soars

Japan reports 3.5 million traders in recent FSA survey.

Islamic Scholar Declares Bitcoin Sharia Law Compliant, Potentially Opening Market To 1.6 Billion Muslims

An Islamic scholar recently considered bitcoin Sharia law compliant, which may potentially open the cryptocurrency market to the world’s Muslim population of over 1.6 billion.

Crypto Trading Is A “Trend We Can’t Ignore”, Says ICE Chief

Intercontinental Exchange’s CEO, the owner of the New York Stock Exchange, recently revealed that cryptocurrency trading is, in his mind, a trend that can’t be ignored and didn’t rule out adding cryptocurrency futures contracts to his exchanges.

$1.7 billion: Fraudulent Company Registers To Exploit Telegram ICO Investors

A company registered in Britain as Telegram Open Network under the name of the Telegram founder was discovered to be a sham corporation earlier this week.

Bitcoin Cash To Hard Fork In May, Could Add “Ethereum-Like” Features

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is set to fork on May 15, 2018 to allow for faster transcations, higher volume, and potentially smart contracts similar to those on the Ethereum network.

Hacked Crypto Exchange Coincheck Sold to Monex For $34 Million

Japanese brokerage firm Monex Group has confirmed the acquisition of embattled cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck for 3.6 billion yen ($34 million). The transfer of shares is scheduled for later this month.

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