SEC Shuts Down Blockchain Jobs Platforms, Orders It to Destroy Its ICO Token Holdings

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has announced charges against a blockchain-based jobs platform, Boon.Tech, and its chief executive officer, Rajesh Pavithran, over its failure to register their initial coin offering (ICO) token as a security and allegedly misleading investors. According to an announcement made by the agency, Boon.Tech and its CEO raised $5 […]

Bitcoin Miner Maker Ebang Prepares to Launch Crypto Exchange in Singapore

Nasdaq-listed bitcoin mining machine maker Ebang (EBON) has announced it established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Singapore, in preparation for establishing a cryptocurrency exchange there. According to an announcement the company published, it’s now trying to get the relevant governmental approval and a license to operate the cryptocurrency exchange. Dong Hu, Ebang’s chairman and CEO, was […]

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Epic Games Bashes Apple for Barring Payment Innovations Like Using Bitcoin

The developer of the hyper-popular video game Fortnite, Epic Games, has filed a lawsuit against Apple for allegedly monopolizing the in-app payments market, effectively barring “innovations” like bitcoin payments. The lawsuit alleges Apple is acting anti-competitively by imposing an “oppressive” 30% sales tax on app sales, and is banning third-party payment processors from its platform, […]